How to sell a machine tool!

Mohawk Machinery can make selling your machine or machinery completely seamless.

We will evaluate the equipment and provide you with options depending on your needs. The simples and quickest way to sell a machine is to provide Mohawk with some rudimentary Information,  (Make, Model, Serial Number). And we will make a cash offer and remove the machine from  your  warehouse.

Another way of selling your machine tool is to consign the equipment to Mohawk Machinery. We will determine the market value, negotiate a fair commission, (usually 15%) and sell the machinery directly from your floor.  WE also take care of rigging, shipping, and cleaning up your plant when the machine leaves.

Mohawk Machinery provides the best solution for selling a machine tool.

When is a good time to sell a machine?

This is the question we are asked by end users all the time. The answer is both simple and complex depending on the individual circumstances.

If you have a new machine coming in the next few weeks the right time is to start the process immediately. With enough time the most money can be realized by allowing Mohawk Machinery to sell your machine in place.

If you are closing a plant, division, or line liquidation, by either Mohawk Machinery Liquidators or Mohawk Machinery Inc, will realize you the most money.

If you are closing a plant, division, or line and have strict time constraints an auction, by Mohawk Machinery liquidators is the best method to realize the most money and still clear out the space in the required time frame.

If you need to sell a few pieces immediately Mohawk Machinery will make you an immediate cash offer and take the equipment off of your floor. This is as simple an option as there is.

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We are always looking for equipment and machine tools that we can sell for you. Please contact John Harpenau at or call John on our toll free line at 1-800-543-7696.

There is nobody better at getting you the most money for your equipment and meeting your time requirements.

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