Asset Management And TMA Turnaround Management Association Affiliation

Mohawk Machinery works closely with members of the Turnaround Management Association. (TMA)

Mohawk Machinery provides TMA members an outlet to liquidate assets that are surplus to the reorganization efforts they are associated with.

Mohawk Machinery provides TMA members a source to sell everything from one piece of equipment to an entire plant of machinery and equipment, including the real estate.

Do you have customers thinking of retiring or cashing out? Are they interested in selling their shop or some surplus equipment? Mohawk Machinery is the ONE to contact! We buy individual machines and entire plants! We are your problem solver! Mohawk has over 60 years of real world experience in liquidating companies. Mohawk will answer your questions, evaluate equipment and make cash offers, allowing you to put together the best deal possible for your clients.

If you have a loan gone bad, company entering receivership, difficult restructuring project, or any situation where you need to generate cash for surplus assets give John Harpenau at Mohawk Machinery a call. Our toll free number is 1-800-543-7696. We are anxious to hear from you and will make your deal a success.