Mohawk Machinery Wants To Buy
Your Surplus Equipment (Or Entire Plant)

Mohawk Machinery buys used machinery and industrial equipment.
If you need space or want to recover value from your surplus, underutilized or idle equipment we are the solution!

We Want Your Surplus

Mohawk Machinery buys single machines, multiple truckloads
and entire plants.

We will review your equipment from the photos, videos and information you provide. Simply submit your equipment
list and photos via email.

Thinking an auction is right for you? Mohawk does that too.
Consignment, online or live, we do it all.

We are your problem solver!

Mohawk is always looking to buy quality used and surplus industrial equipment. With over 60 years in the business we are proud of our reputation for first class customer service and integrity.

Mohawk Machinery wants to buy your surplus.
Let us know what you have to sell!

Email Your Equipment List And Pictures to: